Find out how we meet the need for heat exchange solutions that allow businesses to adapt and thrive in the face of oncoming challenges.

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At Güntner, we combine maximum precision in everyday life with a vision for the future in order to provide our partners with the best possible support.


Building on nearly a century of heat exchange expertise, we deliver innovative and impactful systems for our customers.

over 90 yearS OF 


Our home in Munich has seen our team become the global experts in heating and cooling systemsmaking us critical to a wide variety of industries. We power everything from keeping food fresh to providing comfortable indoor temperatures in office buildings and enabling renewable energy production. 

Our business has been serving the world for nearly a century and we see our heritage as a springboard for new ideas, innovation, and bold ambitions.  

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We are united in the desire to find ways to progress as a society – unified in our search for well-being, prosperity for future generations, and the protection and preservation of our shared home.  

From the very beginnings of new product development to the operation of our units on site, we always keep this commitment in mind.  

Our manufacturing plants are designed with respect for nature: we use green energy and sustainable water treatments, and our unique "planted plant" concept is breakthrough in healthy work environmentsNot only this, but all our units operate with the lowest water and energy consumption possible, protecting the world’s valuable resources.   

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With nearly a century of technological and engineering excellence, you can be sure that we've got you covered. Find out more about the industry’s widest range of cooling systems & heat exchange solutions. 

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Air Coolers

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Dry Coolers

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We play an essential role in industries all around the world with our know-how and the specialist products we manufacture, always providing our customers a truly customised experience, wherever they need us. 

With our expert teams across more than 50 office locations and 9 manufacturing plants, we thrive on diversity of ideas as well as on our determination and ability to meet and exceed our partners’ needs. Together we're designing the future of cooling and heat transfer solutions 

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The green plant

How Güntner's values of responsibility and sustainability became part of the fabric of the new plant.


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