Welcome to our dedicated sustainability hub, where we share the work being done to provide a better world for our families, staff, and communities.

Our Journey Is Just Beginning

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The annual global energy consumption from refrigeration and air conditioning.

THE projected increase in global warming from HFCs used in refrigeration.

Our Path To Sustainability

Proactive Partnering

We partner with top sustainability experts to generate maximum impact at every opportunity. We share our own innovation and commitment while also drawing on a wider scope of expertise, whether from customers, universities, suppliers, or end users.

Did you know? We have an open collaboration with the Essential Tech Centre at Swiss university EPFL. Together we develop projects that harness science and technology to drive humanitarian action while delivering sustainable progress on refrigeration.

Safeguarding Future Generations

We are committed to empowering the next generation through education and collaboration, harnessing newer knowledge and younger talent, and working with them to take our business forward.

Did you know? Over the last ten years, we’ve sponsored more than 200 of the most promising students at HCMC University in Vietnam to develop their careers as refrigeration engineers.

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Solutions

Innovation is about so much more than machinery. It covers material sourcing, transportation, packaging, manufacturing processes, and much more. Güntner pledges to channel our energy into making sustainability gains, big and small, at every step of our global processes, from inception to installation.

Did you know? At our Tata plant in Hungary, we worked in collaboration with Coolbridge, our logistics company, to reduce the number of trucks needed to transport units by employing tailored AI solutions and smaller, lighter materials.

Serving Our Communities

We are committed to strengthening our relationships with our local communities around the world. We strive to understand and address the sustainability issues impacting them. And we share these local projects through our global network so that lessons may be learned in all corners of the world.

Did you know? We’ve developed a comprehensive water treatment program for the community surrounding our factory in Surabaya, Indonesia to combat water and energy shortages affecting the local area.

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"We need to embody sustainability. We need to live it. We need to break the chains which are hindering us and be the leaders in this area—across our industry and beyond."

Robert Gerle 
CSO & Board Member Güntner/A-HEAT AG